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Facebook, Google reportedly helped anti-refugee campaign - CNET

CNet Tech News - Wed, 10/18/2017 - 12:27pm
The ad campaigns were targeted to swing states during the presidential election, reports Bloomberg, and were designed to spread fear about refugees.

Mod your phone with an Alexa for double the assistants - CNET

CNet Tech News - Wed, 10/18/2017 - 12:24pm
Not satisfied with your Moto device's smart voice assistant? Now you can plop another one on the back of your phone.

Samsung's Bixby, now smarter, arrives on fridges - CNET

CNet Tech News - Wed, 10/18/2017 - 12:19pm
Along with unveiling its Bixby 2.0 digital assistant, the company says it's partnering with Google to bring AR to users of its Galaxy devices.

Motorola's newest mod puts an Alexa speaker on your phone

Engadget - Wed, 10/18/2017 - 12:18pm
Ever wanted to have an Amazon Echo speaker with you wherever you are, rather than relying on your phone's built-in voice assistant? Motorola is betting you do. As promised, it's releasing an Alexa-powered Moto Mod (the Moto Smart Speaker with Amazo...

Zero's latest electric motorcycles can recharge in an hour

Engadget - Wed, 10/18/2017 - 12:01pm
Zero Motorcycles' electric bikes can be fun to ride, but recharging is another matter entirely. It's tough to wait hours when all you want to do is go back on the open road. That shouldn't be such a problem with the company's just-introduced 2018 mod...

Uranus is going to look really, really cool Thursday night - CNET

CNet Tech News - Wed, 10/18/2017 - 12:00pm
Yes, yes, make all the cheeky remarks you want, but the blue ice giant is getting ready for its closeup.

There's still time to save the Great Barrier Reef from dying - CNET

CNet Tech News - Wed, 10/18/2017 - 11:59am
We're killing one of the world's most spectacular natural wonders. It's not too late to change.

Get an LG SJ5Y wireless sound bar and subwoofer for $124.99 - CNET

CNet Tech News - Wed, 10/18/2017 - 11:54am
Selling for at least $250 elsewhere, this may be the best sound bar deal of 2017. Plus: two bonus deals!

Would you want a foldable phone? (The 3:59, ep. 301) - CNET

CNet Tech News - Wed, 10/18/2017 - 11:51am
We discuss the new, foldable ZTE Axon M, as well as Walmart's vision for the future of shopping.

One phone, two screens? Radical design opens door for change - CNET

CNet Tech News - Wed, 10/18/2017 - 11:46am
An unlikely company is looking to kick-start a new trend in phones. It just needs to avoid creating a flop in the process.

'Women of NASA' Lego set available starting November 1st

Engadget - Wed, 10/18/2017 - 11:40am
Back in March, we reported that Lego would make a "Women of NASA" set, which was submitted to the Lego Ideas competition by MIT deputy news editor Maia Weinstock. Now, the set is finally ready. It will be available November 1st for $25/€25.

Google's Pixel 2 is hiding an old-school menu button

Engadget - Wed, 10/18/2017 - 11:20am
Google has a bit of a throwback tucked away in the Pixel 2. Depending on the app, you can access the old-school Android menu button by tapping in the lower righthand corner of the screen, as spotted by Android Police. As you'll see in the video embed...

Amazon and eBay accused of turning blind eye to VAT fraud

Engadget - Wed, 10/18/2017 - 11:14am
It's not uncommon to see a headline vilifying a well-known tech company for their incredibly low tax contributions despite turnovers in the billions. The EU is famously taking Apple to task, but more often than not, these clockwork bouts of outrage a...

Pixel 2 vs. iPhone 8 Plus: Which camera is better? - CNET

CNet Tech News - Wed, 10/18/2017 - 11:07am
The Pixel 2 and the iPhone 8 Plus battle it out to determine which phone's camera does better portraits, landscape selfies and low-light shots.

Apple’s self-driving tech appears to be one fully-contained unit

Engadget - Wed, 10/18/2017 - 11:02am
Like so many companies, Apple has been working on its own version of self-driving technology. Last year, we learned that the company had moved away from designing its own vehicle, opting instead to develop a system that could be incorporated into exi...

The creators of Vine built a trivia show app called HQ

Engadget - Wed, 10/18/2017 - 10:39am
The Vine guys are back, but this time it's with a gameshow app called HQ. However, this app isn't like you're typical trivia game where you can play whenever you want. With HQ, gameplay is live and takes place twice a day. "It's a way to give people...

Google reportedly put fake news ads on fact-checking sites - CNET

CNet Tech News - Wed, 10/18/2017 - 10:37am
Fake news appears to be popping up everywhere, even on the websites designed to stop it.

EV chargers have started popping up at UK Shell stations

Engadget - Wed, 10/18/2017 - 10:26am
As promised, Shell is adding electric vehicle charging to its UK petrol stations. "Shell Recharge" is already already available at three locations in Holloway (London), Derby and Whyteleafe (Surrey). A further seven sites across Greater London and Re...

Snapchat will offer European users exclusive Olympics content

Engadget - Wed, 10/18/2017 - 10:21am
Snap is clearly hungry for original and exclusive web content for Snapchat's Discover platform. Yesterday, the company announced it was forming a studio in partnership with NBCUniversal. Then, this morning, Snap revealed that it's partnering with Eur...